All are welcome…

Shattered in Him

I had a couple of lovely folks ask me if I minded them reading my blog and the question was asked because their beliefs do not necessarily match my own. In fact, some beliefs do not line up with mine at all. To which my response is; all are welcome here.  If you can handle how much I love God and talk about Him, all are welcome and, by all means, keep reading!

Then, a well-meaning person pointed out that I needed to be careful of the ‘company I keep’ while also throwing a bunch of doctrine into the mix to point out how I am ‘doing it wrong’.  Well, nuts to thatis what I have to say. I was simultaneously doing some deep breathing exercises and biting my tongue (my tongue really, really hurts today).

I felt I needed to put it out there and…

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Author: Christian Apologist

Please visit my new blog at The author lives with her two sons, chief security officer/pooch, and husband who would rather be living in a houseboat near his identical twin brother. She works as a college professor, which helps to pay the mortgage. Over the past few decades, she has attempted to reconcile the logic and rationality of nature with the unexplained force of love within. World religions address the latter, yet none so perfectly and comprehensively as Christianity. By diving into the academic, literary, and church communities, she's found many answers to the complicated questions of life. Life's short, sometimes ugly, and there are no guarantees. If she were to be hit by a bus tomorrow (which might very well happen), she'll rest in peace knowing that a permanent record of her discoveries of the way, the truth, and the life exists for her family, friends, and anyone else interested. Follow on Twitter @lead1225

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